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Medical Solutions from Iraq Golden Gate

All of our products and services are delivered to you with the backing of our ISO 7886-1, CE certification.

Disposable Syringes

We specialise in producing high-quality medical grade disposable syringes.

Saline Solution

We are currently in the process of building a separate state of the art factory space for the production of saline solution.

Quality Guaranteed

We ensure that all of our produce is thoroughly checked to guarantee the highest level of quality before leaving the factory.

World Class Factory Space

Our newly completed factory space for the production of disposable syringes spans over 8000 sq m, utilising equipment from our partners in South Korea and Italy.

Our Services

Our 8,000sq m factory is built on 37,000sq m of land that houses our ISO certified operation and our 150 employees. Our core products come from the UK, USA and Germany. Combining them with our world-class equipment and infrastructure allows us to provide you with high quality products and service that cannot be matched.

All of our work is completed by fully trained staff in a clean, hygienic environment, to ensure that every product that leaves our factory can be guaranteed to international standards. 

Our equipment is best-in-class and environmentally friendly to confirm our commitment to our people, our clients and our planet.

Our Certifications