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Our Story

Founded in 2021, Iraq Golden Gate supplies medical syringes and saline solution throughout Iraq. We are a growing company with over 150 employees who operate from our 6,700sq m factory which is undergoing another 1,300sq m expansion.

We are certified with ISO 7886-1, CE and operate our business to the highest standards utilising core product from the UK, USA and Germany, whilst using best-in-class equipment and infrastructure from our partners in Italy and Korea.

Services and Guarantees

Disposable Syringes

We specialise in producing high-quality medical grade disposable syringes.

Saline Solution

We are currently in the process of building a separate state of the art factory space for the production of saline solution.

Quality Guaranteed

We ensure that all of our produce is thoroughly checked to guarantee the highest level of quality before leaving the factory.

World Class Factory Space

Our newly completed factory space for the production of disposable syringes spans over 8000 sq m, utilising equipment from our partners in South Korea and Italy.

Our Mission

Our aim is to produce and distribute best in class medical supplies throughout the Middle East and Europe, ensuring that all patients have access to the high level standard of care that they deserve. We aim to become the hub for medical supplies throughout the Middle East and Europe.

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Building a healthy and safe tomorrow!

We are dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality medical products for the safety of our team, medical staff and patients. All of our products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities, and are rigorously tested to ensure safety and effectiveness for all our stakeholders.


Out team work tirelessly to build a great working environment and to ensure that the products we deliver and the products we continue to develop are of the highest standards to enhance the service of medics and to protect patients.

Our locations

Office: Villa 60/1, 11th Alley, Locality 601, Al Amerat St, Al-Mansour, Baghdad, Iraq

Dubai Office 1404 Exchange Tower Happiness Street Dubai, UAE P.O. Box 45915

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